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The dance club seeks to provide an inclusive and accessible space for children with disabilities

This post was updated on October 25 at 6:39 p.m. In traditional classes, dancing and disability can be mutually exclusive, but a UCLA club is looking to break down that barrier. The Expressive Movement Initiative hosts accessible dance classes for children with disabilities every Wednesday, now on Zoom. Emily Coker, a medical student at the […]

Dance club

The transformation of Zouk: from disco to spin studio by day and cinema by night

Classes, which have already started, will run seven days a week with 12 classes per day from Sunday to Tuesday, and between eight and 10 classes per day from Wednesday to Saturday. LIS: Is eating the new clubbing? How does it feel to go to Zouk to eat and not party Zouk will also host […]

Dance club

Waltz Around the Pandemic: Mercer Ballroom Dance Club Presents COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Entering Penfield Hall on a Monday evening, club attendees stand several feet apart with their hands and feet in position, while dancing with their partners. Although traditional ballroom dancing requires the partners to touch, that won’t happen here. It’s the home of the Mercer Ballroom Dance Club, and the procedures are very different this year […]

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MacKinnon Dance Academy owner says she has to close due to COVID-19

Joy MacKinnon opened a message on her Facebook page and started typing. The words did not come easily. She didn’t want the message to be too wordy or a gory story or “woe to me” at all. Most of all, she kept thinking, “Oh my God, I really have to say this now.” In March, […]