Dance academy

Debbie Allen Dance Academy-focused documentary Dance Dreams hits Netflix November 27

Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcrackercentered on Debbie Allen and her Los Angeles dance studio as they prepare for their annual holiday show Hot chocolate nutcracker, is now available to stream on Netflix. The documentary film is the first collaboration between production company Shondaland led by Shonda Rhimes and the streamer. the notoriety alum started Debbie […]

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After a shooting destroys ‘A Safe Haven’ in Chatham, a dance studio owner tries to leave 79th Street

CHATHAM — Doncell Richard hasn’t been able to sleep since a shooting injured three teenagers visiting his dance studio on Sunday. The 30-year-old owner of Astronautflee Dance Studio, 211 E. 79th St., replays the events of the night in his head over and over, wondering why his studio was targeted. Now Richard is looking to […]

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The ballroom dance club “sways” in the safe dance – Technique

There are a variety of skills to learn at Tech, from computing to communication to effectively navigating East Campus while avoiding Freshman Hill. Among the lesser known lessons to learn as a jacket is ballroom dancing. Ballroom Dance Club is a student-run sports club. In this club, students can practice and compete in ballroom dancing. […]

Dance academy

The Prince William Dance Academy returns to the studio with new safety protocols

Sponsored The tiny twinkle-toes dancer enjoys her beginner class at the Prince William Dance Academy. The Prince William Dance Academy in Nokesville is delighted to announce that their team are back to deliver in-person lessons at their studio. The academy has new safety protocols in place and is accepting new students into the studio, “where […]