Dance studio

Addition of a new dance studio in East Fairmont

EAST FAIRMONT, W.Va. — Dance studio “Movements in Dance” held a ribbon cutting for the studio’s newest addition, “Studio B,” on June 2.

This studio will be used for dancers to have additional practice and learning space. It can also be used as a living room for students to do homework and relax. This is an important new space for dancers because as the number of students increases, it is optimal for the space to do so as well.

Artistic director and owner Stephanie Lopez has dreamed of this idea since she opened the dance company in 1989. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the dance company held virtual classes, in which some parents set up a studio home dance. But it was when some of the dance fathers offered to help Lopez bring his idea to life that this dream came true.

Seven of the dads have come together to volunteer their time and effort to create this new studio for their children. Construction took about five weeks in the basement of the building, starting in January. During the presentation of the new workshop, all the fathers who helped received a plaque to hang in the new workshop.

Before the inauguration, the young dancers performed “Swan Lake”, accompanied by April Singleton on flute, in the new space.

The Marion County Chamber of Commerce and Mayor applauded Lopez for completing the new studio before the big scissors directly cut the bright red ribbon. All the families, supporters and students then applauded enthusiastically.

Co-artistic director Sophie Silnicki, who is also Lopez’s daughter, began to describe how she felt about Studio B.

“I just think it’s so nice to see how close the Movements in Dance family is. Above all, also coming from a very small town, Fairmont, West Virginia, and being recognized nationally is very rewarding” “And I know my mom and I put so much work on our students, and I hope they love dancing as much as we love educating them for it,” Silnicki said.

Silnicki is currently a professional dancer in New York and a Radio City Rockette. When she returns home to help her mother at the Fairmont, she can offer private lessons and solo coaching for competitions in the new space.

The owner is beyond grateful to the Movements in Dance family for coming together to help her realize her dream of adding another studio for her dancers.

The company’s dancers will travel to Orlando, Florida this summer to participate in the Tremaine National Dance Convention, where they will perform in the plaza.