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Age UK launches Daytime Dance Club to bring people back to the music of their youth

Age UK Wolverhampton, organize a Daytime Dance Club at the West End Club, Wolverhampton

Leaders of Age UK Wolverhampton have just launched a new Daytime Dance Club for older people to enjoy the music of their generation.

The first session took place at the West End Club, Wolverhampton, from 1-4pm on Thursday and was hailed as a success by the association’s chief executive.

Mark Guest, chief executive of Age UK Wolverhampton, said it was something he had wanted to offer for years but was unfortunately delayed with the onset of Covid.

Now older people living in and around the area were able to come together to enjoy the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s, to stay active and relive their youth.

Mark said: “Music really brings people together and the older generation really led that in the 50s. Dancing is also a great way to keep people active.”

“We want to make it a regular thing, so we’ve already committed to the next one in July. Based on what’s happening today, it will be a monthly thing.”

Around 50 people turned up yesterday which was “much better” than the charity had imagined for its first event, proving that this is something people really enjoy, Mark added.

Not only is it a chance for the elderly to listen to music and dance, but it also establishes a strong social bond with other residents of the community.

The team is now looking to expand on this, with the possibility of hosting an annual Christmas party and starting clubs in other parts of town.

Mark said the focus will always be on older people, but he supports the idea of ​​intergenerational work to “build bridges and connections” between age groups.

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To book a place, contact 01902 572060 or [email protected]