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Anu’s Dance Academy obtains a one-year contract

Anupama The April 14, 2022 episode begins with Toshu furiously sitting in the room when Kinjal arrives. He also asks her to fight him, to which she says he doesn’t deserve it. Toshu then expresses concern for their child and says he is doing all this for their baby. Kinjal then warns him to keep his baby out of this and claims that whatever he was doing is not for his child but for himself. She then walks out of the house while Toshu gets angry.

Anupama April 14, 2022 Written update

Kinjal then sits with Anu when the latter asks if she fought with Toshu. Anu further asks her not to fight with Toshu because of her, to which Kinjal assures her that they are not fighting because of her but because of Toshu’s unemployment and the stress of having a baby. On the other hand, GK gives Anuj beauty tips when the latter receives a call. Anuj then gets excited and rushes to meet Anu. On the other hand, Malvika and Devika arrive at the Shah’s house. Mamaji also arrives with a dhol but later forgets why he came home. Baa then sits in the hall to cast a dim view of the wedding preparations.

Anuj bumps into Vanraj

As Anuj rushes to meet Anu, he meets Vanraj and they both fall. Baa then goes after Anuj while Anu and others ask if they were hurt. Anuj then tells Anu that she got a one year contract from a big event company. This leaves everyone elated while Vanraj is shocked. Anuj further reveals that the company also mentioned that she will also be a part of their international shows to which Bapuji says her dream will finally come true after 17 years. Anuj then gives her the advance check that the event company sent with the contract.

Anupama next episode spoiler

Anu gives the advance check to Bapuji and says she will sponsor her own wedding and asks her to throw a big party without worrying about finances. Bapuji, Samar, Anuj and others get emotional.

Image: An image taken from “Anupamaa”

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