Dance studio

Aspiring Attitudes Dance Studio offers classes for people of all levels

Dancing is fun, it gets you moving and comes naturally. At the Aspiring Attitudes dance studio, there are classes for everyone, at all levels.

The studio is a non-profit dance studio for people of all abilities.

“Right now we probably have about eighty students and two-thirds of them have special needs,” said Sherry Bradshaw of Aspiring Attitudes.

Shannon Wrights started the studio about 13 years ago from her home, and for Shannon, it’s personal.

“I’m visually impaired and my whole childhood I wanted to dance, and I got held back a lot and wasn’t allowed to because of my vision,” Wrights said.

Wrights took on the challenges of earning her degree in dance management with the goal of opening a studio where everyone is welcome.

“Our mission is not to refuse anyone. Shannon will find a way to figure out how to teach anything,” Bradshaw said.

There are classes for seasoned pros, those who just want a way to stay active and they specialize in classes for those with special needs.

“Some of them are fully integrated, which means we have neurotypical students, some with walking crutches and autistic kids, all in the same class,” Wrights said.

Like most studios, there are recitals, but they also have community events.

“We go to assisted living facilities, nursing homes and play for the residents,” Bradshaw said.

“The limits, we do not know them here. This woman is amazing at finding ways to adapt,” Bradshaw said.

Now the studio just moved to a bigger and better place. For information on class times visit their website Where check out their Facebook page.