Dance academy

Bishop Druitt College celebrates the opening of the Academy of Dance with the Sydney Dance Company workshop – News Of The Area

BDC Director Nick Johnstone along with staff and students at the opening of the Dance Academy. Photo: provided.

On Wednesday, May 4, Bishop Druitt College (BDC) officially opened its new dance academy program at Garra-Garraji Dance Studio (named after the word Gumbaynggirr for “movement and dance”) with a student dance workshop led by the Sydney Dance Company.

The program is designed to enable students who have achieved a high level of dance in their electives to achieve an advanced level of skill and fit with HSC Dance as well as connect to careers in performance and the choregraphy.

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BDC Principal Mr Nick Johnstone said: “The Sydney Dance Company is one of the premier dance companies in Australia, if not the world, to be able to have its teaching artists here in Coffs Harbor is a wonderful opportunity to our students.

“In just three to five hours, our Dance Academy students were able to put together a production.

“We saw this when we launched our Dance Academy, and it was exceptional.

“I’m really excited to see what our Dance Academy can produce for our students in the years to come.”

The dance studio was built at BDC with state-of-the-art flooring and acoustics technology, and is the first of its kind in the Coffs Coast area.

Dance Academy mother Vanessa Crossley said of her son Hunter: “Dance Academy was a big reason Hunter wanted to come to BDC, he knew the school had a great Academy of dance and he wanted to be part of it.

“His previous school was not a big fan of the performing arts and he really wanted to pursue dance in school.

“Hunter can continue his studies and dance for his HSC at BDC.

“He’s in an environment where the boys can dance and he feels comfortable being able to dance at BDC and feels part of the team.

“He loves it,” Vanessa said.

By David Tune