Dance academy

Bolton: Dance academy could close after 35 years

It comes as Dawn Dawson, director and principal of the Dawsons Academy of Dance Stage, learned that the car park – which parents use as a drop-off area – is now closed.

Dawn said she didn’t get any notice until she drove to the parking lot on the day it closed.

She now fears how much time is left for the future of the business.

She added: “I’m just a little upset because I haven’t been made aware.

“He’s been there for so long.

“We also held on through the lockdown and raised money for Bolton Hospice online.”

Little Lions in the production of The Lion King

Although the nearest car park is at the Octagon Theatre, Dawn is concerned that families have to drive to the academy late at night, following a series of recent incidents in the center -city.

She added: “I don’t know how long my future will be in the city center to be honest.

“Some teachers have grown up and are now bringing their children.

“We are like one big family.”

A spokesperson for NCP said: “We can confirm that over the past fortnight we have posted A1 signs at three locations (entrance and rate board areas) throughout the car park which advise customers that NCP will no longer manage this car park.

“The other parking lot next door remains open for business as usual.”

The Bolton News: NCP Parking NoticeASC Parking Notice

Dawn also worries that it will be too expensive to move, as the business is privately held and on a lease, with no additional funding.

Over the years the academy has raised £100,000 for various charities, with some of the students also pursuing studies and exams at the academy.

Some students have starred in major productions including Wicked, Le Misérables, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, and more.

Dawn said: “I love working with kids in the first place.

“There are real talents and incredible teachers.

“I really need support because I don’t know where to go

“But it’s not just about the school, it’s about local history.

“And we’ve been here longer than most companies.”

The academy was also part of a special Peaky Blinders-themed charity evening recently, where award-winning actress and TV writer Sophie Willan, made a special appearance, along with Mayor of Bolton Cllr Linda Thomas.