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Caribbean and African dance club to host a show tomorrow night – The Lafayette

As winter approaches in Easton, students can experience the sunny rhythms of Afro-Caribbean music right on campus.

Tomorrow evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Caribbean and African Dance Club (CADC) will hold its annual dance show in the Marlo Hall in Farinon. CADC, founded in 2018, focuses on popular and traditional dances in Caribbean and African culture. The three main genres of music that the club dances to are dancehall, afrobeats and soca.

According to Reanna West ’22, co-chair of CADC, the club’s goal is to educate the campus about the importance of dance for various Caribbean and African cultures.

“I have the impression that a lot of people think, for example, of Jamaica and dance, it’s very hypersexualized. So we just want to give people a sense of what it really is and what it means to us, ”West said.

Usually, the general body of CADC meets for rehearsals once a week while the council meets twice a week to propose a choreography. However, in the lead up to the presentation, the club increased their reps to twice a week. Last week the club met daily to rehearse.

West described the intense rehearsal period as tiring but useful because of the importance of the showcase to the CDAC. Briana Derivois ’22, co-chair of the club with West, explained that for some people on campus, the CADC is their only exposure to Afro-Caribbean culture. For this reason, Derivois and West are keen to put forward the best image of the club for the showcase.

“Knowing that not everyone is familiar with Afro-Caribbean culture, it means that we are the ones who lay the foundation for this type of knowledge for people,” Derivois said. “So we can’t mess this up. You have to get the best kind of knowledge available.

In addition to promoting Afro-Caribbean culture, the CADC also provides space on campus for some students to feel more comfortable.

“Be a student of color in a PWI [predominantly white institution], you want the campus to resemble you as much as possible. Having this dance club for me and for many other people who come from backgrounds similar to mine… You feel at home, ”said Derivois.

The club plans to partner with the Association of African and Caribbean Students of Lafayette to organize an event for Black History Month.

“We’re not going to tell you that because we want it to be a surprise,” West said of the upcoming event. “Look at us and see what’s going on. “

CADC welcomes all new members, regardless of their skill level.

“The bottom line is that you show dedication and a willingness to learn,” Derivois said. “You will have a lot of fun. “