Dance studio

Customers affected Macon pole dance studio has closed

Customers think Tip Toe on Cherry closed without notice after paying for lessons

MACON, Ga. – This is a studio aimed at enabling dancers to learn the art of pole dancing. It’s what got many women through the door, but some of them say the business unexpectedly and permanently closed.

“Classes keep getting canceled and I’m not getting a notification,” Krystal Crooms said.

Crooms, a student at Tip Toe, says she spent hundreds of dollars on classes she never took.

She tried to make calls, send messages and introduce herself to get the owner’s attention.

She says none of it worked – until she posted a message on Facebook.

“I tagged her on it, and obviously I got her attention because that’s the first text I’ve ever had from her, and now she’s threatening to sue me because I’m letting everyone know. the world,” she said.

Employee Ashley Kline told us customers aren’t the only ones who haven’t seen or heard of Nicole Deal. She claims at least three employees owe money and have not been paid since May.

Kelvin Collins of the Better Business Bureau says he received three complaints this month about Tip Toe.

“The complaints we’re seeing so far claim they paid for the service, and when they do show up, it looks like they’re either shut down or getting no response,” Collins said.

He says that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are owed a service that you paid for, you may be eligible for protections.

“It depends on the contract you signed. Is there a contract in place if there was none. If you paid with your credit card, contact your credit card company. is a point where you can dispute the charge. If there is a monthly charge going out, contact your bank and have that draft stopped,” he explained.

But Krystal says she’s done with the studio.

“He’s not someone I want to associate with,” she said.

13WMAZ contacted owner Nicole Deal several times by phone on Wednesday, but she did not respond.