Dance studio

Dance studio owner plans event to help fund classes for students

Emily Mire (left), the owner of Studio S in Destrehan, poses with one of her dance crews. She hopes to raise funds to help some of her dancers and their families.

Emily Mire bought Studio S from Destrehan five years ago. Since then, she said the dance studio has become a second home for many of her dancers.

“Sometimes I say the ‘S’ in Studio S stands for sanctuary,” she said. “If there’s a kid who wants to dance…who wants to try…come here. I open my doors… come dance with me. It is a place of self-expression. It’s a place to be yourself.

The past two years, Mire said, have particularly affected some of his dancers and their families. The pandemic, coupled with Hurricane Ida, has left many parents and caregivers without the extra money needed to fund dance lessons.

“We have a few families in the studio who have been through some tough times,” she said. “I was able to cover the cost of the things they needed, but I had no more money to do so and I was thinking of ways to help them. The prices of everything have exploded… I have just reached my ceiling.

Mire has organized a workshop-wide garage sale to be held on August 13 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 1 Storehouse Lane in Destrehan. It is planned to have it in the studio parking lot, but the sale will be moved indoors in case of bad weather.

Proceeds will benefit dancers affected by COVID and Hurricane Ida. Items on sale will include bedding, home decor, baby gear and more. Drinks and snacks will also be sold, and there will be a 50/50 raffle.

“A lot of these families that I hope to help support – they were already dancing and it was in danger of being taken away. I can’t let that happen,” Mire said. “I hope the garage sale will give me enough to finance a few years for these families. If I need it, I will make it an annual appointment.

Mire said it meant “absolutely everything” to her to be able to help these families. She made a habit of helping others – after Hurricane Ida destroyed the River Region Ballet in Norco, she offered those dancers to attend her studio at half the normal cost.

“Dancers need to dance,” she said. “Not just physically – but mentally and everything else. I can’t let them dance.