Dance studio

Dance studio raises funds for new floor after heavy flooding

GEORGETOWN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The pandemic has been tough on many businesses, but one that people may not have thought of: dance studios.

Not only the owner of Sparkling Angel Dance Company In Jenison’s struggle with the pandemic, she also faced flooding last month due to heavy rains. She is now hosting a fundraiser this weekend, hoping to get through these tough times.

“With a business like a dance studio, gymnastics, karate or something like that, we had to shut down completely. There was no other choice,” said Sara Bohl, co-owner of Sparkling Angel Dance Company. “We still had to pay our rent. We still had to pay all our utilities and all these other operating costs, and we had no income. After a month, it felt like I couldn’t do this anymore. I physically can’t, so we made the decision to close completely.

Bohl says that during the pandemic, they received just enough loan money to stay afloat with the bills, but something else happened: His studio was flooded in late June.

“It was like the nail in the coffin for me,” Bohl said. “I was just like I couldn’t, I couldn’t even anymore, I didn’t even know what to do. It was awful, but then we walked in and spoke and it’s like okay, and now. We can’t let that stop us.

The Sparkling Angel Dance Company was flooded in late June.

Bohl says they don’t have enough money to fix the floor right now, so they’re having a hot dog and car wash fundraiser at the end of the month.

“If people keep coming, we’re going to keep coming for as long as we can,” Bohl said.

She says she leans heavily on her faith and knows that if Jesus persisted, so can she.

” He continued. He did so much for us, and my dancers deserve it too,” Bohl said.

The hot dog and car wash fundraiser will take place on July 31 starting at 10 a.m. at the studio, located at 996 Chicago Drive.

Bohl says they’ll keep going until it gets too dark or they run out of supplies.

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