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Danville Dance Studio finds a new home

It’s been a little over a week since a dance studio was destroyed by fire. The owner tells us that thanks to the generosity of the community, she already has a new space.

DANVILLE, Pa. — These images are something dance teacher Karen Gronsky will never forget.

Last Monday, her dance studio in Danville was destroyed by fire.

In the days that followed, community members reached out to help.

“In the midst of this devastation, it really brought joy and peace to my heart and hope for the future,” said Karen Gronsky.

After the fire, many people contacted Karen with offers for studio space.

“Flowers by Scott, Knoebels, people offered me their garages. People said we were going to tear this down in our building, and you can have that, and it’s overwhelming,” Gronsky said.

Danville businessman Joel Gum has offered Karen the use of two spaces on this property on School House Road just outside Danville.

This will be the studio’s temporary space.

In September, the Karen Gronsky School of Dance will move into the building next door, which will become its new home.

“I’m the one who always wanted to be the light. Now it’s turned around, and they’re helping me, and it’s amazing,” Gronsky said.

Karen had memories in the studio of over two decades of teaching. All was lost.

“Everyone who came to the studio would sign the wall, or give me their tips as they turned the page and headed off to college. It was a time. It was a building that meant a lot to a lot of people. Gronsky said.

Karen’s students have decided to start what they hope will become new traditions. They brought him signed shoes and pictures.

A parent has started a GoFundMe page and Karen says the money will be used to set up the dance floor at her new studio.

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