Dance club

David Byrne is organizing a COVID-friendly dance club in New York

The prospect of returning to the club looks more realistic every day, with several experimental gigs performing well across Europe, and a few lucky UK clubbers on track to attend events before the scheduled end date of the lockdown in June. Thanks to David Byrne, New Yorkers will also be able to enjoy a socially distanced rave when clubs reopen (albeit at limited capacity) in April.

The aptly named project, Social!, will see the Park Avenue Armory accommodate 100 attendees at a time and was specially commissioned for the recently launched Social Distance Hall on the site.

The Experimental Club will come with a playlist curated by the former Talking Heads frontman – alongside his Social! co-creators, Broadway set designer Christine Jones and choreographer Steven Hoggett – and mixed by New York DJ Natasha Diggs. If you’ve forgotten how to dance during lockdown, you’re in luck, as there will also be a choreography voiceover from Byrne himself.

“The Armory’s commitment to supporting and partnering with artists in the creation of new work that responds to society is fundamental to who we are as an organization,” said the Founding Chair. and Park Avenue Armory executive producer Rebecca Robertson. “The commissioned work that is part of Social Distance Hall exists, not in spite of, but because of the pandemic we have all experienced over the past year.”

“With Social!, we are thrilled to invite New Yorkers to come together through a communal, safe, and multi-sensory experience that draws on the building’s acoustics and grand architecture, as well as the Armory’s interdisciplinary programming mission. .

The 55-minute “participatory solitary experience” will debut on April 9, and if it follows in the footsteps of Byrne’s Broadway show, American utopia, then New Yorkers are in for a social treat.