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EXCLUSIVE! “I would have opened my dance academy if I wasn’t an actor”

Mumbai: Colors’ acclaimed drama series Spy Bahu is set to feature some interesting twists in the show’s next track. The series features Sana and Sehban in the lead roles and fans love this amazing Jodi.

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The show is set to feature major drama in the next track of the show. We called gorgeous Aditi Bhagat to find out her plans if she doesn’t perform, bond with co-stars and more. Check out what she had to share:

How was the bond with the co-stars?

Everyone is so good, earlier when I spoke to you I revealed that they are very welcoming. It’s much better now, initially I only toured with Yohan, Sejal and Abhishek and now I tour with everyone. Nikunj, Shalini, Krish, Ayub sir, Minal madam everyone is very close, Ayub sir treats me like his daughter. The atmosphere is incredible on the sets and it feels like home. We make sure to sit down and have lunch together. Talking about life and everything.

If you didn’t act, what would you do?

I was already teaching dance in Pune, so if I hadn’t been an actor, I would have started my dance academy. I’m dance trained so I would have done that.

What was that fiery thought behind becoming an actor?

Back in college I did English literature, during my literature studies I learned a lot about Shakespeare and then I started doing plays. My friends then encouraged me and I took a course with Actor Prepares. That click when everyone tells you, oh you can do it. So I tried and this trial allowed me to work. Then I left the industry for three years and came back a month ago.

Which character from your previous works would you like to do again? What kind of characters would you like to discover?

When I played Shweta in Rangbaaz I was new, now when I think back to the character I still love him but would like to add my experience to it. I would like to explore everything, because even being nice or negative, both are difficult. I’d love to do characters that matter, I learned kick boxing, if there’s a character that allows me to be physically active as a trainer or something, I’d love to do that . I know, I will be able to represent something like that.

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