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LOVELAND, Ohio (WXIX) – Fully equipped dance studiolocated in Loveland, Ohio, had just won her third title in three years in competitive dance.

For 2021-2022, the Mini Hip Hop team was Dance Summit Champion. Additionally, Team Youth Hip Hop finished in second place and Boys Youth Hip Hop finished in third place, which is the first time a boy group has formed for the dance studio.

The Mini Hip Hop team consisted of only four girls – and faced teams that had up to fourteen girls.

Fully Loaded has only been in business for just over six years, and in the past two years teams have won two Summit Titles and one worlds of dance Title. Fully Loaded Dance Studio is part of USASF, or United States All-Star Federation Club Cheer and Dance Teams.

Robyn Gaston, co-owner and choreographer of Fully Loaded Dance Studio, said she was “just thrilled that we were able – me and my choreographers – were able to create team after winning team. And passionate girls who want to do it and want to win and can see the vision like us.

Fully Loaded Dance Studio offers a wide range of children interested in competitive dance, ranging from four and a half to eighteen years old. Even parent teams are a thing, and that’s something Gaston hopes can be there next year at Fully Loaded. For the Mini Hip Hop team, the age range is between six and nine years old.

And the great age diversity is part of what makes the choreography and training with the coaches on site better.

Elonzo Coppins, co-owner and co-trainer of Fully Loaded, says, “We [Fully Loaded Dance Studio] start with five-, six-year-olds, and by the time they get to middle school, they’re ready to take on the world and win those championships, which they did.

Coppins also has a long dance history, having been involved in dance since the early 1980s. Coppins has worked with some big names in the industry, such as Gregory Hines, and has also worked behind the scenes on MTV shows. Coppins says the experience mixed with the discipline that Gaston coaches is what makes kids champions.

“We want it to be uncomfortable in the gym, when they’re training, when Robyn takes them through their trainings and everything they do, we need it to be uncomfortable, because then when they get on stage and ‘they’re in front of thousands of people, it gets easy,’ said Dorsey Gaston Jr., co-owner and head trainer of Fully Loaded Dance Studio.

Dorsey Jr. also has a history that adds to the teaching experience at the dance studio, including over twenty years of learning and teaching martial arts as well as experience in karate. Dorsey Jr. said those credentials gave him the mindset to achieve goals and do so consistently.

The head coach adds that the legacy that the choreographers and coaches at Fully Loaded want to have is to put it all in there and pour into the kids and impact them just like his former instructors had a impact on him.

And the impact is already lasting, including for a few dancers who made it onto the cover of Hello ! Joy and Dance Magazine in the fall 2021 issue.

Christyn Womack, a tenth grade student who was one of the girls on the cover, is also a teacher and choreographer for the dance studio said that “[being able to see the hard work pay off] means whatever we want to do in life, whether it’s dancing or cheering, following – whatever – getting a job – doing whatever we can do whatever we think. If we want to work hard for something, we will work hard for it and we will succeed in life.

Womack adds that if you’ve never danced before, but are curious about getting involved in dancing, you can start by listening to music and dancing in front of a mirror. You can also try new dance moves or watch other dance moves on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok and you will improve.

For interested children or parents of interested children who want to get involved with Fully Loaded Dance Studio, there will be clinics and tryouts.

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