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Harrogate Dance Academy joins ‘Dance at Formula One Grand Prix’ – Harrogate Informer

A dance troupe Summerbell Dance Academy heads to the Silverstone Grand Prix this weekend, July 17, 2021.

They take part in one of the biggest mass dance shows, with 1,500 dancers, athletes and gymnasts.

jenny said:

I am a graduate of the International Dance Teacher Association, IDTA, and I teach ballet, tap, street dance and musical theatre.

My youngest student is 3 years old and my eldest about 84 years old. We have a lot of adult ballet, and adult tap is one of my most popular classes.

We haven’t run in a long time and we officially start again in September.

The girls going to the Grand Prix are in 3rd grade, ballet, tap and modern. There will be 9, but we only have 4 tonight because they have to isolate themselves at home.

They will dance in a mass movement project with over 1,500 people from across the UK. They all learned the same choreography and will do it on a stage at the racecourse on qualifying day.

We hope it will be on television.

The dance routine is a mix of styles on all sorts of tracks, there’s sign language, a tribute to the NHS and the work key workers have done, it’s a big party.

The choreographers sent in a few changes to the routine, so tonight we’re just going through them.

Here’s a look at one of the latest workouts.