Dance academy

MacDonald Island Dance Academy undergoes sustainability review

Entrance to MacDonald Island Park // Photo by Harvard Media Staff

The Wood Buffalo Regional Recreation Society (RRC) has responded to public outcry over the MacDonald Island Dance Academy (MIDA) program.

MIDA is a program managed, staffed and funded by the RRC.

A letter posted by MIDA began circulating on social media stating that on March 14, they were told there was a request for proposal (RFP) on the space they had been using since 2012, and that if an offer was accepted, they would force him to leave.

They also claimed that another dance studio had filed an official complaint about them.

Due to an influx of public responses to the matter, the RRC issued a press release on Wednesday.

He claims that when the program was created, it aimed to fill a gap in community services for dance programming and began to evolve.

After recent declines in enrollment, income and an increase in expenditure, the DRR administration has begun a review to determine the sustainability of MIDA.

As part of this review, they are considering bringing in private studio owners to continue to serve the needs of the community, while being fiscally responsible.

RRC states that they have never received a complaint about MIDA from a third party, ever.