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Maidstone Roller Dance Club bounces back from Covid pandemic with big medal haul

The Maidstone Roller Dance Club has won medals in its first competition since the Covid pandemic.

They won 10 gold, five silver and seven bronze at the FARS competition in Kettering, making it one of their most successful events.

Success for the Maidstone Roller Dance Club in Kettering

It was a tough time for the club as they were kicked out of their YMCA base and forced to train in car parks after roller dancing was classed as a hobby rather than a sport.

The events were canceled which was a huge disappointment for British champions Oliver and Zac Martin, who had been selected to compete for Great Britain at the World Cup in Portugal, Italy and Germany.

The club was briefly allowed to return to the YMCA in August before conducting online classes after it became too cold to train outdoors during the winter lockdown.

Maidstone finally brought their under-18 skaters back into the hall in April, followed by the rest of the club in May.

Two months later, they leave for Kettering where Oliver Martin, Zac Martin, Ella Donoghue, Laura Donoghue, Hayley Paterson, Lucy Aves, Isabelle Jarvis, Talya Celik, Katy Bray and Anna Slokenburga harvest gold.

Head Coach Ann Odhams said: “The competition went so well – we were absolutely thrilled.

“Everyone has worked hard, but you don’t know how it’s going to be until you get there and see how you compare to other clubs.

The Maidstone Roller Dance Club has faced challenges during the pandemic
The Maidstone Roller Dance Club has faced challenges during the pandemic

“It turned out to be one of our best results in years, everyone did well at all ages and levels, and it would be great to see them get the recognition they deserve.

“We haven’t had it easy during the pandemic, but we’re back and still doing well, despite the lack of training.”

The next step for Odhams is to rebuild the membership that has inevitably suffered.

She said: “Now that the restrictions have been lifted, we would like to increase the numbers.

“We are an inclusive club, we welcome boys and girls of all ages. With the success of Oliver and Zac, we hope this will encourage more boys to take up the sport.

Beginner classes are held from 5-6 p.m. on Saturdays at the YMCA. To register an interest, email [email protected]

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