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Mann Northway GM donates $10,000 to keep Ukrainian dance club PA Barveenok standing

“Everything that brought much needed funds to our organization was on hiatus, and then a lot of families and dancers were lost, so we also lost income from dancer registration and involvement,” said she added.

The money given enables them to complete their year and plan for next year. As long as they are able to bring back their biggest fundraisers, they will be able to continue.

Skomorowski said that as a child she danced, which was related to her cultural heritage. That her children continue to have the same chance is important to her personally.

“It’s not just a dance club, it allows us to celebrate who we are and be part of our Prince Albert community,” she explained.

Club vice-president Reyna Siwak said the donation was about survival.

“We had to do everything we could to be able to continue, and we have families who come from Melfort, from Christopher Lake, from Shellbrook, which means it’s not just Prince Albert. It also extends to communities,” said Siwak.

Mark Ripley, Mann Northway GM’s main dealer, said it came to their attention that the club needed help and after seeing how much it meant to the community, they wanted to help.

“It’s been 44 years as a non-profit, so I mean these organizations doing fundraisers and stuff for the last few years, it’s really put people in bad terms,” ​​he said. “We’ve been lucky enough to operate for the past two years and we’re doing well, so it’s our honor to be able to write a check and be able to support them and keep going. It’s important to the community and it’s important to the kids, right? »

The dance club will be hosting a fundraiser to help them get back on their feet on June 11 called Barveenok 911. It will be a dance-a-thon open to the community. It will begin with a drive-in meal from noon to 5 p.m. at the fairgrounds with the dance to follow. People who want to join can complete a pledge form by contacting them through their website.

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