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Maryville Dance Academy Earns 14 Platinum Scores at Dance Out Nationals | Maryville

The Maryville Dance Academy sent several dancers to last weekend’s Dance Out Nationals in Kansas City. Despite a smaller group in what was an optional competition for Maryville contestants, the group had 14 platinum scores.

The duet of Maggie and Mollie Webb dancing to “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” won first place in their category and level. Mollie Webb earned platinum scores for two more solo dances with category wins for both. She finished second overall in the preteen introductory category. She also teamed up with Tyler Cook to earn second place overall in a platinum score for their duet dance. Cook had a pair of platinum solo dances.

Maggie Webb finished fourth overall in her teen intermediate solo dance and earned a platinum medal. She was the only Maryville dancer to compete at the immediate level. Teagan Brandkamp won the category, fourth overall and achieved platinum. Elly Neff finished second overall in her level with her platinum solo dance.

Jaycee White, Tayven Brandkamp, ​​Jase Wilmes and Channing Minton each had platinum solos. Tayven Brandkamp and Wilmes, and Teagan Brandkamp and Kenlee Wilson also had platinum duet dances.

Solo gold ratings went to Jaylee Search, Kenlee Wilson, Teagan Brandkamp, ​​Keira Taylor, Maggie Webb, Alana Crawford and Neff.

Maryville Dance Academy will send 44 dancers to Ames, Iowa, for the BravO! National talent and dance competition next week. The event runs from Wednesday July 7 to Saturday July 10. Maryville dancers will perform a total of 105 dances.

DanceOut National Championships Results

Jaycee White: “How to Believe” Platinum Solo

Jaylee Search: Solo Gold “Love Shack”

Tayven Brandkamp: Solo “Wild Thing” Platinum, Category Winner and 4th Overall

Jase Wilmes: Platinum “Burning Love” solo, category winner and 3rd overall

Jase Wilmes & Tayven Brandkamp: Platinum Duo “Ghostbusters”, Category Winner, 3rd Overall & Judges Choice Award “Bust a Move”

Channing Minton: Solo Platinum “Dancing in the Sky”, category winner and 3rd overall

Kenlee Wilson: Gold medal in solo “Time After Time” and 9th overall

Kenlee Wilson: Gold Solo “I Am A Woman”

Mollie Webb: “Welcome to Wonderland” Solo Platinum, Category Winner and “Breath of Fresh Air” Judges’ Choice Award

Mollie Webb: Solo “Extraordinary Magic” Platinum, Category Winner and 2nd Overall

Teagan Brandkamp: Platinum “Do Your Thing” Solo, Category Winner and 4th Overall

Teagan Brandkamp: Solo Gold “The Sun Rises”

Teagan Brandkamp & Kenlee Wilson: Duo “I Love Me” Platinum and 4th overall

Maggie Webb & Mollie Webb: Duo “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” Platinum, Category Winner, 1st Overall & “Emotional Connection” Judges’ Choice Award

Tyler Cook: Platinum “Wepa” solo

Tyler Cook: Solo platinum “Hold Your Hand” and 6th overall

Tyler Cook & Mollie Webb: Duo “It Don’t Mean a Thing” Platinum and 2nd Overall

Keira Taylor: solo gold for “Friends on the Other Side” and 3rd overall

Maggie Webb: Winner of Gold and “Song for You” Solo Category

Maggie Webb: Platinum “Love Like This” solo and 4th overall

Alana Crawford: Solo Gold “Scream”

Alana Crawford: “Jealous of the Angels” Solo Gold and 6th Overall

Elly Neff: Solo Gold “I’ll Wait”

Elly Neff: Platinum “Stand in the Light” Solo, Category Winner and 2nd Overall