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Meet JM Dance Academy’s New Instructor | New

JM Dance Academy in Dandan has a new dance teacher.

Joel D. Balagon, 30, from Davao City, Philippines, was the leader of D’ Square Cru who won the International Dance and Step Competition Championship in Beijing, China in August 2019 and the wet dance in Hongcheon, South Korea in July of the same year.

Balagon’s D’ Square Cru, the group that popularized the social media-oriented “budots” dance move, were also the Hip Hop International Philippines Grand Slam champions and won several other regional events.

One of his students who placed seventh in an international dance competition in Phoenix, Arizona three years ago referred him to Esther Sablan of Saipan Music and Dance Studio, which has a partnership with JM Dance Academy.

Balagon, who began his career as a theater arts choreographer, accepted the academy’s job offer saying he also wanted to help promote a healthy lifestyle through dance.

He said his work here in Saipan would also allow him to explore new ideas and learn about other cultures.

A big fan of Michael Jackson, he thinks dancing is “more than just fun”.

“It’s a way of life and an art form,” he said, adding that when he teaches dance, he always ensures that his students “have the spirit of the art as well. “.

Today, Friday, August 12, starting at 5:30 p.m., Balagon will host a free open house for children and then for adult beginners at 6:30 p.m. at the JM Dance Academy studio on the second floor of Mango Six Café on Mgr. Guerrero to Dandan road.

For more information, call (670) 788-4935.