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New 1970s-themed dance club to open in former Ringside Cafe space in downtown St. Pete | Openings & Closings | Tampa

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Goodnight John Boy/Facebook

A recent St. Pete Rising article confirmed the suspicions of former Ringside Cafe employees: a 70s-themed dance club will open at 16 2nd St. N in downtown St. Petersburg by the end of April.

The said Cleveland-based dev blog Forward Hospitality Group will open the 4,000 square foot nightclub with Beth McLeod, a former Fox 8 News meteorologist. McLeod’s boyfriend, Bobby Sotka, is responsible for operating the club, called Good Night John Boy.

In terms of music, Good Night John Boy will stick to all the expected pop hits of the 1970s, but will also feature modern artists who incorporate disco nostalgia into their sound, such as Silk Sonic, Doja Cat, Daft Punk and Dua Lipa. McLeod told SPR that St. Pete’s newest nightclub will play ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” as often as every half hour.

Good Night John Boy’s only other location is in Cleveland, Ohio, where the owners of St. Pete’s next nightclub recently moved from. Forward Hospitality Group opened Cleveland’s Good Night John Boy less than a year ago.

The menu at this location features a wide variety of bottled beers and wines, as well as a specialty cocktail menu, which will include drinks like the “Dirty Ashtray” – a Miller High Life filled with Tapatio hot sauce, salt, pepper and lime – as well as the popular “Disco Punch”, a rum-based punch served in a souvenir disco ball.

Decor in Cleveland includes numerous vinyl records adorning the walls, disco balls, earth-toned wallpaper, patterned carpeting, and a bright dance floor straight out of “Saturday Night Fever.”

And if you don’t know where the phrase “Good Night John Boy” comes from, you probably don’t know much about the 70s anyway. It was the iconic goodbye line from the popular TV series “The Waltons,” as each episode ended with the family saying goodnight to each other.

Laura Wood, a seasoned bartender at the Ringside Cafe, began noticing men in suits – escorted by limos – checking out the space in fall 2021, so Good Night John Boy’s southern outpost has been in the works ever since. at least a few months now.

And while Good Night John Boy prepares to open its doors by the end of April, the recently relocated Ringside Cafe, which hosted its last concert on January 29, is still looking for a new home in St. Petersburg.

Former Ringside employees have heard more rumors that the same people behind the new nightclub were also turning St. Pete’s MacDinton into a western-themed bar, but only time will tell if that speculation is there. reign. Forward Hospitality Group owns and operates a wide variety of restaurants and bars throughout Ohio, but none are Western-themed.

To follow the latest Good Night John Boy construction updates, follow Cleveland’s Instagram at @goodnightjb and Facebook at @goodnightcle as there are no social media profiles yet for St. Peter.