Dance studio

New dance studio helps more people find their groove

DULUTH, Minn. – “If you’re fresh off the street, that’s actually the best because you don’t have bad habits to fix, like if you can’t tell your left foot from your right foot, we can help you understand that outside.”

Since opening the North Shore Ballroom Studio last summer, Rae Lyons and her business partner have done more than help people tell their right from their left. Both have also achieved their own aspirations.

“Owning a dance studio has been a dream of mine for a very, very long time. During the covid pandemic we were shut down and we kind of started thinking about what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives and he was also really excited about owning a studio and it kind of seemed the right time to do it,” Rae Lyons, co-owner of North Shore Ballroom Studio.

Kenwood’s neighborhood studio has a wide range of instruction. Their special new student offer offers 5 private lessons and 5 group lessons.

“The very first thing you have to learn is where your feet go. From there, because it’s a dance with a partner, we teach leading and following. So how do you know what your partner wants you to do without them saying “please turn around”?”

They also have classes for advanced dancers and social dancing on Fridays.

“You don’t need a partner to do it. If you are single you can come in and dance with one of the instructors and honestly you will make friends here, we have such an amazing community of people who love to dance.

“Right now I’m craving social interaction, I think we’ve kind of learned how invaluable that is. So being able to learn something new and have that physical activity is a really cool thing.

And for Lyon, it’s even more invaluable, helping people find their rhythm at the pace of a whole new community.

“It’s my favorite thing when someone who, it just happened today, leaves and they’re like hey you made my day better I walked in and I was nervous about walking in but after having been here and having danced, I’m in a better mood and now I’m going to go ahead and enjoy my day.

For more information on the North Shore Ballroom, click here.