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New Kentland Dance Studio Ready for Upcoming Summer Workshops | Business

KENTLAND, Ind. — Heading to her studio opening, Joni Landry in Kentland, Ind. couldn’t be more thrilled to start dancing with her future students. Just Dance Studio is a newly founded dance company that teaches the art forms of tap and ballet to young students wanting to learn to dance.

Landry started working on Just Dance in January, and barring a few minor renovations, she’s ready to open up to eager feet. When Landry was a child, she looked up to her dance teachers and saw dance as a form of self-expression and a fun activity unlike any other. For this reason, Landry wanted to create Just Dance Studio, forming a “safe space” for children in the community, just like her teachers did when she was younger. Just Dance Studio offers both workshops and summer courses, in which children 2 years and older can enroll in its summer workshops. Summer workshops include learning the basics of tap and ballet, plus the chance to see if dancing is the right activity for your child.

If your child ends up liking the summer workshop, they can move on to the lessons! Within the classes, students will learn more complex moves, eventually learn choreography, and memorize a dance for a year-end recital.

Course registration begins in July. The first price is $250, which includes the first month of classes, two pairs of shoes and their outfit. From there, the fee is $100 per month to continue classes.

Landry was asked about Mom and Me lessons, and it’s something she’s considering, so stay tuned for more fun lesson opportunities! She can’t wait to meet all the smiling faces, teach a few dance steps and above all have fun!

Just Dance Studio is located at 124 N 3rd St.