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New York dance studio gives K-pop dance lessons

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of K-pop before. Short for Korean popular music, K-pop has become a global phenomenon, and perhaps the greatest K-pop group of all time is boy band sensation BTS. K-pop bands sing catchy lyrics that instantly stick in your head, while rocking in unison to precise moves. It was only a matter of time before K-pop dance became a trend.

Wei Huang opened the We_One Dance studio in the New York area last year. The studio offers in-person group lessons or private lessons. Online courses have also been popular since the pandemic.

“I love K-pop music. That’s how I started,” Huang said. She has been practicing K-pop dance for 13 years and says there are new moves constantly, the moves mimicking the current song.”There’s a new K-pop song coming out so it’s changing fast,” Huang said. “You learn the different dances and you imitate different characters and it’s a lot of fun.”

Some have compared K-pop dance to hip hop. Huang says that although there are similarities, K-pop dance has its own identity. “Hip-hop is more freestyle,” Huang said.

K-pop dance is part of the theater. Huang says you play what you sing. The choreography is lyrical and rhythm based and you constantly change formation in sync. She also compares it to cosplay.

“This idol is my favorite, so I learn his moves rather than others,” Huang said. “I can dress like her, same haircut, same hairstyle, same clothes.”

At the foot of the famous red steps of Times Square in the entertainment capital of the world, Huang and one of his students, Adrian Wang, show us their movements.

“The way they do the moves together in sync and I thought it would be cool if I could do that,” Wang said. “The classroom atmosphere looks very cool and everyone seems to be having a good time.”

The choreography is fun and flirty, with a bit of attitude and because it’s in a group setting, creates a sense of camaraderie. “After a while, when you get to know everyone in the class, it feels more like a social event,” Wang said.

K-pop dance enthusiasts say dancing is a big reason the music genre continues to grow.

For more information, visit We_One Dance Studio.