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Northern Lights Dance Academy Adds Drama Camp to Summer Program | New

CADILLAC — There are many ways to learn to become an interpreter. Although the Northern Lights Dance Academy is known for its focus on the art of dance, it has now added theater to its summer lineup.

Drama Camp has been officially added to the Northern Lights schedule. From July 25-29, camp participants will learn to dance and perform to musical theater tunes.

Although the camp is new to the program, Northern Lights manager Elizabeth Dewey said they have previously run a home drama club in the studio. Community interest is what inspired them to coordinate a camp.

“It was a lot of fun and we got really into it,” she said. “So we thought we’d have a dance drama camp for dancers who want to try that drama, and kids who want to try a bit of dance combined to have a little fun.”

Last year’s drama club was all about drama, but the camp will be a combination of the two to give participating kids a chance to find out if they enjoy other categories of arts. At the end of the camp, the children will perform a short skit to show their family what they have learned.

Dewey will cover the dance portion of camp and his mother, Gina Dewey, will teach acting. Gina is also a drama teacher for the drama club and has served as the director of several other community productions.

“One of his degrees is in communications, so it’s always been a passion,” Dewey said.

“So not just drama and acting, but also communication and speaking that she specializes in and is passionate about.”

The Northern Lights program has always been focused on teaching high quality traditional dance forms. Dewey said including acting will diversify the academy’s lineup and show they have spec beyond dance.

Although Northern Lights is growing, Dewey said they are still very intentional with what they teach.

“So not doing 20 different styles of dance and acting, but doing a few simple things really well,” she said. “That’s our goal.”

Generally, for camps that have a wide variety of ages, the Deweys will have them do different activities appropriate to their age group. In the Princess Ballet Camp they held last summer, younger and older students were separated in the studio to practice dance techniques appropriate to their skill level.

Dewey said the same system could be used again if they have a wide age range. But camp registration is still open, so we can’t say yet if that will be the case.

As they plan and prepare for camp, Dewey said she’s excited to start another dance camp season.

“We can’t wait to have more kids, so maybe we’ll just have a dance camp,” she said. “So kids who are more theater kids, kids who want to be in a play and just add diversity to our studio.”

Those wishing to register for the Northern Lights Dance Academy Drama Camp can do so by phone at (231) 920-2322 or by email at [email protected]