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Opening of the Movement Dance Studio in Morinville – Morinville News – Morinville Online

Above: Rachelle Namchuk (back row – third from right) poses with her family of dancers at the grand opening of Movement Dance Studio on Sunday, September 11. The new studio offers a variety of dance styles. –Stephen Dafoe Photo

by Stephen Dafoe

Movement Dance Studio, a new recreational dance studio for dancers of all ages and skill levels, opened on Sunday, September 11 to show Morinville and area residents what they can offer.

Owners Rachelle and Mitchell Namchuk still have work to do at their 10507-100 Avenue location but are already taking registrations for classes.

Rachelle Namchuk, who grew up in Morinville, said dancing has been a lifelong passion for her.

“I started dancing at the age of two and a half. I grew up dancing at Classique Dance and Dance Connection, and while training to be a teacher in college, I also started teaching dance in Morinville,” Namchuk said. “During my teaching years, I ran a dance academy program at local schools around the city. This year it was time for a change and I was ready to open my own dance space and studio. dance.

Namchuk said that while she had never felt ready before, that changed this year, and it was time to go out there and achieve her long-held goal. “I never thought I’d be motivated enough to do it, and this year has been the year – I challenged myself for it.”

While Rachelle will run the operations in terms of programming and teaching dance with the help of other dance teachers, her husband and business partner Mitchell Namchuk will handle the operational side of the business.

“I’m an assistant on financial advice and I handle everything,” he said. “I will manage business operations, and we will already be hiring more for business operations.”

Movement Dance Studio will emphasize Namchuk’s expertise in classical, lyrical, tap, contemporary and modern dance.

“I really like contemporary/modern dance,” she says, adding that her children are becoming obsessed with dance, especially her six-year-old daughter. “She wants to get into everything. It seems very appropriate. Let’s do this and open up our own space so that I can continue to pass it on to my daughter and my children for years to come.

Although children will make up a large portion of the students at the new dance studio, classes are open to all age groups, from two to adults.

“We have a musical theater course for adults. We have adult hip-hop, adult lyric, and adult tap,” Namchuk said. “We hope to eventually open offers for seniors. We’ve had a lot of interest in seniors doing tap dancing, which we’d love to do, and hopefully it’s something we can do in short sessions.

Movement Dance Studio offers year-round programming from September to June with an end-of-year and Christmas recital for non-mature students.

In addition to dance lessons, they’re also offering theatrical makeup with an upcoming session focusing on wounds and gashes for Halloween.

“[We use] professional theater makeup. It’s really cool, and it’s a really unique thing,” Namchuk said. “We work with Carrie’s costumes. They have been a big supporter of ours.

Whether it’s dance or makeup, Namchuk said she and partner Mitchell want to emphasize that they’re a dance family at Movement Dance Studio and everyone is welcome.

“We want everyone to be part of something big and to feel comfortable and like they belong,” Namchuk said.

Movement Dance Studio can be reached at their website or on his Facebook page.

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