Dance club

Park City Social Dance Club is on the move

The essence of dance is movement and the Park City Social Dance Club is movement both literally and figuratively.

After nearly 12 years in the Park City Dance Academy building at 6554 N. Creekside Lane, the club crosses I-80 to the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse in Newpark.

Dance teacher Cindy Rae said the move was eminent after Ballet West acquired the Park City Dance Academy building and turned it into Peggy Bergmann Ballet West Academy.

The Park City Social Dance Club rented the building after hours each Wednesday to hold their ballroom dancing sessions.

“Unfortunately the availability to hold the Park City Dance Club there had narrowed to later that evening,” Rae said. “Wish I could stay there but late nights don’t work with some people wanting to come.”

The partnership with Basic Recreation begins November 2 and will include a name change to Park City Dance Club.

“Since the club falls under the BallroomUtah umbrella, we have changed the name to BallroomUtah in Park City,” Rae said. “However, the goal will remain the same. We want people to be exposed to dance on a social level.

“That way they can have a little fun and learn some dance moves that they can go out and use when they go to a big social event or someone’s wedding or things like that,” she said.

The sessions, which will focus on a different dance every six weeks, will always take place on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

The first session at the pool will take place from November 2 to December 14. The second session will run from January 4 to February 8 and the third session will start on March 1 and end on April 5. The cost is $70 for individuals and $130 for couples.

The format will begin with professional instruction from 7:30-8:30 p.m., then a free dance practice period will follow from 8:30-9 p.m.

The sessions will be progressive.

“We’re not going to have six swing weeks and then have another six swing weeks,” Rae said. “We can teach whatever we want and if people want to salsa, we’ll do salsa and if they want to waltz, we’ll waltz.”

The idea of ​​holding ballroom dancing classes at the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse grew out of an idea that was floated last year.

“Someone who danced with BallroomUtah in Salt Lake and worked at Basin Recreation started a group called Fun Over 50 because she thought a social ballroom dancing class would be a fun activity for that age group” , Rae said. “I guess there were people who wanted to learn how to dance, so BallroomUtah came up and held a session last fall and continued after Christmas until April.”

When the facilities at Ballet West Academy became unavailable, it was natural for Rae to approach Basin Recreation.

“It’s a really nice setup,” Rae said. “They have a room they use for zumba that has mirrors and works well for dancing. It’s just off the lobby and easy to get to.

Rae thanks Basin Recreation Fieldhouse and facilities manager Matt Strader for his help.

“I hope there is enough interest to extend the sessions, because what I would like to see happen is that we have enough people to organize a class at 7 p.m. and another class at 8 p.m. beyond the rookie stage,” she said. “We hope people like it and if they don’t like it I would like to know why. If people don’t like it I would like them to tell us what they would like us to do differently. It would benefit us.”

The Park City Social Dance Club, which operates under the BallroomUtah umbrella, will relocate from the Park City Academy building to the Basin Recreation Fieldhouse, 1388 Center Drive in Kimball Junction, beginning Wednesday, November 2. Registration is $70 for individuals and $130 for couples. Registration can be done online at, by phone at 435-655-0999 or at the Fieldhouse Service Desk.