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Port Stephens Collective Dance Academy dancers shine at Eisteddfod

Collective Dance Studio Dancers had success at the Time To Shine Eisteddfod.

DANCERS from the Collective Dance Academy shone at the recent Time To Shine eisteddfod, with the team taking first, second and third place in a range of disciplines.

The Under 8 Jazz, Under 10 Variety, Open Age HipHop and Open Age Tap dancers all took first place, while the Under 8 HipHop, Under 16 Jazz, Open Age Jazz and Open Age Lyrical dancers placed second in their categories. .

The Under 10 Hiphop team came in third place and an honorable mention was awarded to the Under 8 Lyrical and Under 10 Jazz dancers.

This will see the girls travel to the national championships later this year to compete against the best dancers Australia has to offer.

Ashleigh Parkes, teacher and owner, told News Of The Area, “The Collective’s goal is to create a supportive community for dancers and their families and it’s been so wonderful to see our teams achieve great results together. .

“Run by families for families, the school is focused on creating a culture of collaboration and support.

“Dancing is a wonderful way to encourage people of all ages to exercise and promote coordination development, all while having a good time.

“At the same time, it reinforces the importance of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

“It gives people the opportunity to express themselves and teaches discipline and focus.

“Most important of all are the memories and relationships you create through dance.

“It’s so beautiful to watch our dancers form lifelong friendships while growing in confidence, skills and as people.”

Dancers Lilly, Bella and Hannah shared their love of dance with NOTA.

“I love that dancing is fun and it makes me really happy,” said eight-year-old Lilly Grecian.

“Dancing creates a space where I can focus on myself and relax, rather than focusing on things that may be stressing me out,” said nineteen-year-old Bella Biscan.

“The reason I love dancing is because it allows me to connect with music and express myself in different ways,” said fifteen-year-old Hannah Arkless.

“Dancing has taught me self-confidence and gives me mental and physical refreshment.

“I love going to the studio because it’s my second home and my second family. I love dancing!” Hannah said.

By Marianne Samson