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Prince Rupert Spectrum Dance Studio Final Curtain – Terrace Standard

The final curtain fell on the Spectrum City Dance studios on June 18 after more than 30 years of teaching groove to young Prince Rupert artists.

The Lester Center saw an audience fill the room for The New Beginnings spectacular with over 35 dance numbers in ballet, acro, contemporary, theatre, tap, jazz and hip hop.

“It’s an emotional night for me,” Ella Ferland said from behind the curtain, addressing family, friends and dancers during the performance.

“I’m not falling in love with dancing, I’m just retiring. I can do this, I’m old enough to do this,” Ferland said, drawing laughter from the audience near the end of the show.

Despite the closure of her studio which opened in 1989, Ferland said teachers and staff encourage all students to continue dancing. Many students and teachers move to the Prince Rupert Academy of Dance to continue the art of movement in music.

“It’s sporty. It’s a lot of exercise, it teaches them discipline. It teaches them the work ethic and teaches them how to get along with others. It’s also an art and they get creative during it. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want their kids to dance,” Ferland said in his final onstage speech.

Flowers, verbal honors and a surprise dance compilation dedicated to Ferland ended the show before the stage curtain closed for the last time.

“I think I just saw 30 years of my choreography,” Ferland said, thanking the performers for the memories.

The students paid homage to Ferland with the troupe of dancers who surrounded him on stage.

“For many of us, the studio has been like a second home since we joined. Ella has seen all of us grow as dancers and develop as individuals since we were young,” said students.

They paid tribute to Ferland and said she taught them the importance of being visionary and ambitious as dancers in all aspects of their lives.

“[For] Ella and now for us, being a dancer is not just about technique and flexibility. Ella taught us that our identity as dancers is not limited to our physical abilities but also to our bond of emotional and mental strength. The advice that Ella instilled in us are values ​​that we will carry with us beyond the walls of the studio. We’re still going [these values] our own students, mentees and our own children. Thank you Ella.”

“Even though the Spectrum studio is coming to an end, the essence of the Spectrum dancers is not. We love you,” were the closing words from the students, many of whom were in tears.

An emotional Ferland thanked everyone for being there over the years and attending the recital.

“It has been a privilege to teach dance to your children and to work with all of you. It’s the best job. I can’t think of anything else in the world that I would love so much. So thank you for being a part of this,” said the iconic Prince Rupert dance teacher, as she bowed one last time.

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