Dance studio

Regina’s new dance studio offers classes for adults only

Collective Studios is a new dance studio in Regina offering classes for adults only.

The studio opened on Friday in the Warehouse District where Applause Dance Studio was located.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted for Regina and I get asked about adult classes all the time. So when I found this space, I was excited to keep it as a dance studio. Jaimie Kopeck, owner and director of Collective Studios, said.

Collective Studios offers classes for all levels and several dance styles.

“You may never have danced in your life and you will be fine. We have beginner levels. We have intermediate levels and advanced levels and our teachers are all professionals who can work with different ages and abilities,” Kopeck said.

It is also a place where dancers can continue the sport as a hobby after graduating from high school.

“For a lot of dancers, when they graduate they don’t have a place to go or they have to move a long way to do it. And it gives us a place where adults and young adult dancers can continue once they’ve left their home studios,” said dancer Maria Rigetti.

Professionals can also train at the studio.

“There is almost nothing in Regina to continue dancing as an adult or pre-professional. This program gives us a place to come and train off-season and between contracts,” said dancer Sarah Spicer.

The studio offers drop-in classes for people ages 17 and up. Some classes offered are: ballet, jazz, tap, latin, salsa, bachata, hip hop, heels, jazz theatre, showgirl cabaret and contemporary lyrical.

The studio plans to continue to grow as more dancers get involved.

“We have received many requests for wedding dances and private lessons with couples. We’re going to keep growing and we’re going to keep delivering as much as we can,” Kopeck said.

Instructors are eager to open up this space as pandemic restrictions are now lifted and give people the opportunity to experience what dance can do for them.

“People haven’t been able to socialize and be active. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people,” said Chloé Dufour, dance teacher at Collective Studios.

“Dancing relieves stress and promotes balance, posture, mental and physical health.”

They also want everyone to feel welcome and give it a try even if they have little or no experience as a dancer.

“I would recommend doing a drop-in first or even some punch passes first so you can get a feel for it and then figure out what you like or dislike. But with everyone, we want to help you grow because everyone deserves to dance,” said hip-hop instructor Eddy Alvaro.

A list of courses is available at Collective studios website Where Facebook page.