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Sanjana Mahindrakar joins the Starrz Dance Academy of Performing Arts as a choreographer

CUPERTINO, Calif., July 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — San Francisco-based Starrz Dance Academy of Performing Arts welcomes on board Sanjana Mahindrakar, an internationally renowned Bharatnatyam artist.

Starrz Dance Academy of Performing Arts (SDAPA) is a Bollywood dance company dedicated to inspiring young souls to love the art of dance. We believe dancing keeps a happy soul. Our goal is to spark the interest of everyone who comes to us, from an adult to a child as young as 3 years old, and to foster a true love in them for this art form. We give our best dance training in a fun and creative way!

Starrz Dance Academy productions, for which Ms. Sanjana Mahindrakar will join as a choreographer or dancer, will include a number of projects and albums:

Ballet Dance Album – M/s. Sanjana Mahindrakar will record a dance choreography for this project.

Dance production – Choreograph, coordinate group dancers, creative movements and actions for different clients on a regular basis.

Bharatnatyam Intensive Program – M/s. Sanjana Mahindrakar will oversee a number of critical roles in this project, including songwriting, choreography and dancer arrangements, and dance production for singles produced on the series.

Spectacular dance performance – A number of production and performance roles, including composition, choreography and dancer arrangements, and creative dance productions, movements and actions.

An interpreter of Bharatnatyam, understanding the aesthetic value of traditional culture as well as the beauty of contemporary sensibilities, Sanjana Mahindrakar is a talented young woman passionate about dance. Full of enthusiasm and love for art, she started learning Bharatanatyam at a very young age of eight and successfully completed her Arangetram under the able guidance of Guru Smt. Charmaine Ann Lazare in 2014. Her zeal has taken her a long way where she has completed her training not only in Bharatnatyam as a dance form but has also mastered the various aspects of Bharatanatyam including Nattuvangam and chanting with backing and the encouragement of his guru, Smt. Charmaine Ann Lazare. Whether it’s competing in local competitions or proudly representing your county, India globally and for many international dance festivals, she has won numerous accolades throughout her career. Despite being an active performer at multiple national and international level events, she has been very humble and down-to-earth and believes that practice and hard work are the only things that can do any good. any artist. She endeavored to preserve and promote Bharatanatyam to our aspiring future students.

Media Contact:
Guru Savale
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SOURCE Starrz Dance Academy of Performing Arts

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