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SHOCKING! Barkha judges Anupamaa Dance Academy

Mumbai: Sara is excited when she learns that Anupama has a dance academy. She even says that she is a dancer and wants to join her dance academy. Anupama says she has to pay huge fees for this. Sara gets nervous hearing this and asks how much. Anupama says a cup of tea every day. Barkha says Sara doesn’t know how to make tea. Sara says she will find out. Adhik reminds him that they have to visit his Uncle Patel from the United States for dinner. Sara says it’s very boring, so she won’t come. Barkha insists. Sara invites Anupama to accompany them. Barkha says Patel family does not know Anupama but superficially invites him. Anupama says she has a lot of work and even has to cook Indian style pizza in the evening. Adhik says who has Indian pizza. Sara says she, Anuj, Ankush, GK and Anupama. Anupama says she will go to work now and meet them in the evening. Barkha says she is Anuj Kapadia’s wife now and she should do something on her level.

Hasmukh serves tea to Vanraj and strikes up a conversation with him. He asks if he is tense about work. Vanraj asks until when he has to look for a job, whenever he tries to get up he always falls down. Hasmukh says even the lock of his fate will open soon, so he need not worry. Samar informs Hasmukh that he is going to dance academy. Vanraj has an idea.

Anupama defends herself and asks Barkha if she thinks her work is not up to par. Barkha says she can’t earn much from a dance academy. Anupama says an ordinary woman needs a handful of salary and a handful of dreams. Barkha says she is no ordinary woman now. Anupama says she does not want to lose her identity and is happy with her 800 rs per student job. She says that every woman should build her identity so that she can answer anyone who asks her, she wants to earn money that belongs only to her, etc. Barkha fake smiles and once Anupama leaves, frowns.

Samar reaches the dance academy and realizes he forgot his sipper bottle. Vanraj visits with sipper bottle and says Anupama is married in rich family now and will not visit dance academy, so he thought to work in dance academy. Just then Anupama walks in with Sara and asks Vanraj what he is doing here. Samar says Vanraj came to give his sipper bottle. Sara says that’s cool. Anupama informs that Sara would be a student and trainee in the dance academy from today and asks Samar to get the list of students.

Adhik suggests Barkha to join office as there would be family politics if one bahu is working and another is not, Anupama is right in this matter. Barkha says let Ankush try and if he fails even this time, Adhik will take care of him. Adhik says he can do anything for him as she bought him. Barkha says Anupama kids are very close to Anuj, he has to get even closer to Anuj than them and get his business back. GK comes in and overhears their conversation. They both get mad at him for walking in without knocking. He says they are in the living room. Adhik warns her not to do this again. GK nods yes and thinks his MaAn are very innocent and he has to protect them from these people. Adhik notices that Pakhi is commenting on her photo on social media and tells Barkha that she need not worry, he will take care of it.

Anupama with Sara visitgs Shahs of dance academy. The family is happy to see her. Kavya asks Anupama if she is from dance academy, she doesn’t need to worry now. Anupama says she doesn’t need money, but she needs to keep her identity. Kavya says it’s true.
Pakhi gets excited seeing Sara and tries to impress her by offering to make cold coffee for her, leaving Shahs surprised. Leela passes on her usual comments, which Sara likes. Sara then invites the Shah family to her home. Shahs denies. Anupama insists on letting them visit his house. Vanraj refuses and tries to explain Pakhi’s greedy behavior to her, but Anupama doesn’t understand. Hasmukh feels the situation allows the children to visit Anupama’s house, but Vanraj refuses permission again.

On returning home, Anuj talks business with Ankush. Ankhush expresses his anguish of failing in business again. Anuj asks what he means. Ankush changes the subject and says he failed school once. Barkha and Adhik return home after visiting Patels and see the dark house. Sara changes and Shah’s children cry out in surprise. Barkha stands frowning seeing Shahs. Sara says she called them for a party. Adhik stops Barkha. Pakhi asks Barkha to change and join them for the party. Sara notices Adhik’s face and says she knows he and Barkha didn’t like Shahs here, but they shouldn’t create problem and go to their room or party. Adhik looking at Pakhi says he wants to party. Sara unaware of her intentions feels horny. Anupama notices Adhik and Pakhi looking at each other.

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