Dance club

Successful roller dance club banned from using Milton Keynes Leisure Center

The club have been told he has to leave by September.

“They say our wheels mark or damage their floor. That’s rubbish – our wheels are specially designed for wood and clay and are made from non-marking materials,” the head coach said. of the club, Sandra Brisley.

Bletchley Leisure Center is owned by Mk Council and managed by InspireAll

InspireAll, which is a charitable trust formerly known as Hertsmere Leisure, told the club it had paid £14,000 to have the gym floor redone and needed to “protect its investment”.

The roller dance club pays £54.50 an hour, or £7,500 a year, to hire the gym every Saturday morning for its popular classes. They teach figure skating – similar to ice dancing but on wheels – and their membership ranges from four-year-olds to people in their sixties.

Recently, the members won second and third place in a British Championships competition.

The club complained the expulsion was “unfair and unfair” and feared they could not find another place to hold their lessons.

Members of the Milton Keynes Roller Dance Club use the leisure center gym on Saturday mornings

Sandra said: “The ground in the leisure center is not degraded by our activity. It is clearly other users who are causing problems.

“We have to sweep the floor before we can skate because even the smallest stones can completely stop our soft wheels, causing falls and injuries. We regularly cleaned up drink spills and scraped away chewing gum left by other users during the week.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that roller skaters have been turned away from the premises, she said.

“We had the same problem at Oakgrove and then we got banned from Hazeley because they wanted to hand over basketball. Frankly, we’re tired of being victimized because we’re not an ‘elite’ sport.

“Skating is an easy target, but we haven’t had a single instance of our wheels damaging a floor since our debut in 1978…Our skate wheels are specifically designed not to cause damage.”

The Citizen contacted InspireAll and a spokesperson said: ‘InspireAll is a non-profit charity and recently paid for the gym investment which cost over £14,000. We have therefore made the decision to protect our investment and ensure that advanced bookings will not harm this investment. »

InspireAll was created to provide and promote community sports, recreation and arts services.

It manages facilities owned by Hertsmere Borough Council, Hertfordshire County Council and Milton Keynes Council. It is also the lead agency selected by Hertfordshire County Council to develop 35 Family Centers in Hertfordshire.

In Milton Keynes, InspireAll also manages other community facilities including the Tattenhoe Sports Pavilion, Monkston Park Community Centre, Crownhill Sports Ground and Crownhill Meeting Place.