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The export dance studio is heading to the World Dance Championship later this month

This month Alexis DeSabatine of the DeStella Dance Center will mark a decade leading the Export studio, and the 10th year is shaping up to be his best yet.

“We went to Virginia Beach to compete in the national Dream Makers dance competition, and we had four of our dances performed all the way to the grand finale,” DeSabatine said.

DeStella’s group dance number “Disco Fever” won the Dream Makers Grand Championship, and another group number, “Labels of Love”, placed third overall.

Dance team member Gianna Duckworth, 11, from Penn Township, said the team usually meet as a group backstage before the competition.

“We talk to each other about doing well and we just encourage each other,” Duckworth said.

These pre-competition huddles are some of the best times for 11-year-old Addison Mann of Penn Township, who was part of the FromStella dance team for seven years.

“I love the pep talk we have backstage,” Mann said. “At DeStella, I always have a lot of fun with my friends.”

DeSabatine said DeStella’s dancers have won competition after competition this season.

“It’s been such a crazy time,” she said. “We have competed in Star Dance Alliance competitions in Lancaster, Wheeling, Burgettstown, New Castle, and have also won four “Golden Tickets” which is how you are invited to the World Dance Championship.”

DeStella’s team will be heading there in late July, as the Star Dance Alliance hosts the ninth annual World Dance Championships at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ

Mann’s mother, Heather, said the team has a new perspective this season.

“We entered this year with a new appreciation for getting back to normal,” Heather Mann said. “Last year they were trying to get back to normal, but we were still doing competition consolidations, and the studios couldn’t really watch each other compete. Covid really put a lot of things into perspective and did a lot for us. enjoy more this year.”

The team’s high-level competitive performances also earned DeSabatine an exclusive invite to the World Dance Championship’s Circle of Excellence, where instructors are recognized for their choreographic work.

“We just traveled, won and really got the upper hand,” DeSabatine said. “It’s a bit out of control.”

The World Dance Championship will take place from July 26 to 31. To learn more, see Where

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