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The new owner moves into the dance studio Carpinteria

Bonnie Curtis is retiring after 48 years at the Curtis Dance Studio.

The torch passed to the Curtis Studio of Dance.

Bonnie Curtis, who followed in her mother’s footsteps at the Carpinteria studio, is retiring after 48 years.

Nikki Powell, who has taught for the past five years at the Curtis Studio of Dance, will become the studio’s new owner and artistic director. The change will take place once fall registration is complete.

Nicole Powell will become the studio’s new owner and artistic director.

The studio began in the fall of 1973 when Bonnie Curtis’ mother, Mary Lou Curtis, opened her doors. The photos show Bonnie as a young performer.

And now, in the studio’s final chapter, Ms. Powell will oversee the next generation of young dancers.

Ms. Powell began her love for dance at the Curtis Studio of Dance, where she trained for 13 years.

She graduated magna cum laude in May 2013 from Southern Methodist University in Dallas with a bachelor’s degree in dance and philosophy. Her dance studies have included Idyllwild Arts Academy, the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance and numerous workshops.

She has been dancing professionally for eight years.

Ms Powell said she was excited to continue what Bonnie Curtis and her mother built over the years at the Curtis Studio of Dance, where she took her first dance class aged 3. She said that experience “changed my life forever.

“My love for dance has taken me on an incredible and fulfilling journey,” Ms Powell said in a press release. “It’s an art form that I’m so passionate about because it stays interesting, physically and mentally challenging, and continues to reveal new things to me every day.

“The last year and a half has been very difficult as a professional dancer, and it made me realize how important the gift of dance is,” she continued. “I love teaching and am very grateful to the wonderful students I have seen grow over the years. I’m so excited to take on the role of Owner and Artistic Director and share my passion and knowledge of dance with the next generation! »

According to the press release, Ms Curtis knows she is “leaving the studio in very capable hands”. For more information, see

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