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The Spiral Dance Club may reopen under new ownership


MONDAY, Sept. 6 — Spiral Dance Club is on its way to a new life, says Leslie-native businessman Adam Brewer.

Brewer, 36, said he made a non-refundable deposit on a purchase agreement for the LGBTQ nightclub at 1247 Center St. in Old Town. It closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic and never reopened.

Efforts to reach club owner Tom Donall to confirm the sale were unsuccessful.

Brewer said today that he is awaiting final approval from government authorities regarding the transfer of the liquor license. He said he expects that to happen in early October.

The city council must approve the transfer of the liquor license, as must the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

He hopes a quick approval in early October will lead to a reopening soon after.

Brewer said he will update the location, but attendees can expect an LGBTQ-focused venue with dancing to contribute to the community.

“It will be very similar,” he said. “I own several properties in Old Town, and I think it’s just an important part of the community. I’m excited to bring it back.

If the response to his Facebook post announcing he was looking for employees for the new club is any example of the eagerness to see the club lights flash and the bass thump, he is likely to succeed. He said the post he posted got more than 100 shares.

“That’s unusual for me,” he said with a chuckle over the phone.

He started advertising for new employees.

Rodger Geissman, known as DJ Lipgloss, was hired as entertainment director and show manager for the new club. Geissman has a long history in Michigan’s LGBTQ community developing and promoting drag shows from Lansing to Grand Rapids.

Brewer, who lives in Okemos, owned Brewer Iron and Metal, 2547 W. Main St. It was a local recycling business focused on recycling and selling used cars. He sold the business to Padnos and their now towing vehicles for recycling with his towing company Gigi’s. Additionally, he owns real estate in the city under three different LLCs: Old Town LLC, Drew LLC, and Brewer Housing LLC. It is not uncommon for companies to create separate companies for various real estate interests to protect the assets from the liabilities of another company. business.

With Spiral closing as Donall sought to sell the business and property, the only bar designating itself specifically as an LGBTQ bar in Greater Lansing was the Esquire Club, a block from Old Town. However, this bar, on the corner of Turner and Center streets, does not allow anyone under the age of 21 to enter. Plus, while it has a small dance floor, it’s mostly a neighborhood bar designed for socializing.

The company went commercial in April 2019.

Donall told City Pulse in 2019 that he hoped to keep the property and only sell the business and liquor license to operate it. Brewer said he was buying the business, the liquor license, the 4,870 square foot building and the 0.375 acre property.

Spiral opened in 2000 as part of the influx of new investment into Lansing’s Old Town neighborhood. It was also a time of dislocation for the city’s gay bars, which had been squeezed out of Michigan Avenue to make way for the baseball stadium. The establishment helped anchor Old Town as an LGBTQ-friendly stronghold in Lansing, which also housed an LGBTQ bookstore, The Real World Emporium, which served as an informal community center and political headquarters for the community.

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