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World-renowned Neeti’s Dance Studio sets the bar high for hula hoop

Not everyone can engage in daily activity, make a lifestyle change, improve a skill, and foster a connection with the body. Most likely, just a few. In a very special way, a woman from Delhi is currently doing this by spreading this wonderful art of dance.

Dance director and educator Neeti Ahuja from Delhi provides world-class hula hooping to over 1000 hoopers worldwide, indulge her hula hoop story online.

The transformative power of hoop dancing

Dancing is one of the best ways to stay stress free so if you are looking for the best dance studio in Delhi then you have come to the right place!

Neeti’s Dance Studio is a leading dance studio in Delhi that has succeeded in revolutionizing the field of dance. Beginning with a mission to provide internationally recognized quality hula hoop training to everyone, the studio has succeeded in training passionate dancers in different dance styles. With Neeti’s Dance Studio, one can have the chance to learn their favorite hula hoop dance style offline and online from the comfort of their home around the world.

An outlet for creativity and wholeness

The excellent team members of Neeti’s Dance Studio emphasize creativity, quality and perseverance so that one can master the art of dance in the most effective way. Students at Neeti’s Dance Studio are not only trained in a range of dance forms but are also made to show off their talent at different events held around the city. Being at the forefront of dance education, Neeti’s Dance Studio has now managed to attract the attention of many passionate dancers who wish to master the art of the hoop with utmost dedication and enthusiasm.

Offering dance training to individuals of any age group, Neeti’s Dance Studio runs different batches for 4 to 80 years old age groups. The styles they teach are hula hoopHip-hop, Bollywood, contemporary, bhangra, freestyle, semi-classical, wedding choreography and folk dances.

Open your heart for this extremely superb dance form with a twist as they have a variety of fusions that will immerse you in the dance world.

The hoop knows no boundaries

Based in Delhi, yet they make the hoop possible for international students. Neeti’s Dance Studio offers online hoop sessions to over 1000 students worldwide. Wherever you are, the hoop is close to you and the certification too.

Raise the bar!

To top it off, with immense hard work, Neeti’s Dance Studio has also managed to make a name for itself by being recognized as “Best Dance Studio in Delhi and NCR 2021”. The latest and most mesmerizing milestone is World Record Setting, a brand new run in NDS history.

Their students are often seen in the biggest newspaper in the country like The Times of India, HT City, etc.

Additionally, their students have participated in some of the top TV channels like ABP News, Zoom TV, Sony Entertainment, Colors, POGO, and Doordarshan to showcase their dance performances.

An overseas affair

Won the title of HONGKONG HOOPER by the only best hoop school in Hong Kong.

They also received acclaim from the UK, Australia and Indonesia, expanding their name globally. With so many awards and recognitions in the pocket, it will not be an exaggeration to consider Neeti’s Dance Studio as the best institution to acquire dance skills in Delhi.

Feel ‘spin’tastic

Although hula hooping is popular in some parts of the west, it’s still not a big deal in India. Neeti’s Dance Studio aims to bring the hoop to the international level, so it is to popularize the activity.

So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and unleash your inner dancer with Neeti’s Dance Studio. For more information, you can also visit Neeti’s Dance Studio Instagram and Facebook pages.

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