Dance studio

York apartment plan for a dance studio

PLANS have been submitted to convert one floor of a distinctive building in a York suburb of leisure uses into nine apartments.

John Richards Investments Ltd has asked York City Council to undertake the work as part of the Regent seeks to convert the upper floor of the Regent Buildings in York Road, Acomb.

The building is currently mixed-use, with a co-op and other businesses on the ground floor. The first floor was occupied by Henry Boxing Gym and a dance studio.

The application states that the redevelopment work would include the complete renovation of the first floor to provide five 2-bedroom apartments and four 1-bedroom apartments.

He said it would allow ‘sustainable and efficient use’ of an existing property, which would require little modification.

“The accommodation would be well proportioned, with the accommodation exceeding the minimum technical standards for room size.”

He added that the scheme would also be an efficient use of a brownfield site, stimulate the supply of new housing and support the development of underused land and buildings.

“The site is located within the local center of Acomb. Residential development would be fully compatible with the established mixed character of the locality,” he also commented.