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Zermeño Dance Academy students win Spirit and Junior Spirit titles

SANTA BARBARA, CA – There are about half a dozen studios that cater to Spanish era dancers and they’re all busy this time of year, and they’re about to get even busier. approaching Fiesta.

This year, Spirit and Junior Spirit graduate from the Zermeño Dance Academy in Goleta.

During the audition, the dancers said the judges didn’t know which studio they came from, although they could notice different styles.

Daniela Zermeño said it doesn’t happen very often, but it did in 2019 before Covid became a household word.

She and her brother Ryan were both titleholders and they still have their scarves on display in the mirrored rooms where they teach classes.

They are delighted that the hard work of Junior Spirit Layla Gacong, 9, and Spirit Tara Mata, 19, has paid off.

“I mean, of course, having the Spirit still helps, a lot of attention is drawn to them, and we like to spread that and share their stories and their dance experience, so that sure helps, but the thing the more important is that they are able to share their love of dance with the community,” said Zermeño.

They welcome calls from parents with children who want to learn after seeing them play.

They recommend starting in September.

Presidente Maria Cabrera said the dancers will once again entertain the public at in-person events.

“They will be dancing at Fiesta Pequeña, leading the parade and making appearances at many historic locations, bringing joy and festive spirit to our precious community.”

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